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Nice to meet you!

Hey I’m Devon! I am married to my long distance high-school sweetheart, best friend, and lover, Jen. I’m “da-da” to our half princess, half pterodactyl, A.K.

Through the adventures of life, Jen and I landed here in central Indiana from our homes on the east coast where we both grew up. We are loving life here in the midwest between ministering at our church, growing as parents, and going on adventures when the time allows.

I love the power of stories. I believe that every video or photograph should tell a story. When I pick up my camera and start filming, that’s what’s on my mind: “How can I best capture this story?”

EM8A0046 (1).jpeg

Putting the topic of my camera aside for a second, I love being a part of a couple’s wedding day. Yes I love my job of videoing everything, but more than that even— for a few hours I get the joy of serving two people on the dreamiest day of their lives. I often find myself so immersed in that service and love, that I feel like I am entering into the dreamy part myself. I believe marriage is a beautiful sacred creation and it fills my heart when I get to witness that love as I'm doing something I love.

My Why

PC: Sara Kingery Photography
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